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A welcome to Olive AP Academy - Suffolk from Ellen Watson, Head of Academy

At Olive AP Academy-Suffolk we strive to help, support and guide pupils in their learning towards academic and vocational success and in all areas of their personal development.

We celebrate our pupils' individual personalities, support their needs and share in the hopes of families.

We identify each pupil's pathway and planning appropriately to inspire and support them to increased independence and educational outcomes.

We believe in the Olive Way and our core values of Conviction, Determination, Reflection and Ambition are reflected and role modeled in everything we do as adults to support our students. Our approach is one of great care and high expectation for, and of, every pupil regardless of their prior experiences and challenges. We deliver a broad, high quality curriculum with a wide range of interventions and support systems in place.

We strongly believe in a culture of community and working with our families is pivotal to that approach.

As head of academy, I am committed to working closely with pupils and their families and welcome parents or carers contacting me if they have any question or concerns ellen.watson@oliveacademies.org.uk

Ellen Watson

Head of Academy

Ellen Watson staff profile

Ellen Watson

Head of Academy, SENDCo & Designated Safeguarding Lead

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