Academy Improvement Plan

We would like to share a summary of our Academy Improvement Plan for 2018-2019 which details all our key objectives and explains what we hope to achieve at Olive AP Academy – Suffolk (Central).



o Leadership in the academy is secured and increasingly effective 

o Safeguarding is evaluated as effective in external and Trust reviews 

o All school leaders are accountable for their areas of responsibility 

o Processes for school improvement are robust and accurate 

o The academy works within its clearly stated vision and values framework 


o 65% of teaching is judged as Proficient or better by Dec 2018 

o 75% of teaching is judged as Proficient or better by July 2019 

o Termly external verification judges that 90% of teacher assessments are accurate 

o Lesson observations show that staff use a common language of resilience 


o 80% of students will make at least good progress in Eng and Maths from their initial assessed baseline on entry 

o 70% of students will make expected progress from their KS2 baseline 

o SEND, PP, Disadvantaged students are making progress at least in line with their minimum expected grade target by Easter 2019 

o 100% of Y11 students continue to progress to appropriate education, employment or training by September 2019 

o 100% of Y11 students are still in appropriate education, employment or training by Easter 2020 

o 90% of Y11 students will leave with 5 accredited outcomes 

o All Year 6 pupils entered for KS2 tests where appropriate 

o 80% of KS2 pupils make good progress in literacy and numeracy 

o 80% of KS2 pupils reintegrate successfully back into mainstream academy or into a specialist provision (where appropriate) within 1 year of attendance at OA-Sc 


o Overall Academy attendance is at least 80% by July 2019 

o Half termly attendance figures demonstrate that students’ attendance is improving 

o Reduction in FTE relative to the corresponding term in 17/18 

o Character / Consequences data demonstrates incremental improvements term by term.