Our curriculum

Our approach

Inspiring, active purposeful learning. We offer a broad and ambitious curriculum delivered using project-based learning.

Our curriculum intent

We recognise that our pupils arrive at our academy at a challenging point in their education. This often reflects periods out of full time education or significant barriers to learning new skills or mastering those they have learnt before.

The curriculum we offer at our academy gives pupils:

  • real-world learning experiences
  • access to outstanding teaching
  • rigorous and high-quality critique and feedback on their work
  • the opportunity to develop dynamic leadership skills
  • a culture of respect.

We have adapted our curriculum to enable our pupils to learn and master fundamental skills in English and mathematics, which enable them to be successful in the next stage of their education. The development of reading and a focused Personal Social Health Education (PSHE) curriculum is pivotal to preparing our pupils for greater independence and the next destination in their education. These core elements are supported by subjects that enrich and increase pupils’ self-confidence and motivation including cooking, art, music, physical education, technology and construction.

We encourage pupils to recognise their personal learning journey and take pride in their achievements. We focus on helping pupils to link their learning to everyday life.

At Olive AP Academy - Suffolk, every pupil will have the foundations laid for rebuilding their faith in education, through an inclusive and personalised curriculum, taught by excellent highly-qualified teachers. By providing a safe and engaging environment, we work to remove barriers and give pupils chances to excel.

We encourage our pupils to take responsibility for their own learning, teaching them to be resilient, show determination, be reflective and show conviction in overcoming set-backs to achieve their goals. For many of our pupils this includes specialist strategies and support for self-regulation and to meet targets attached to their Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP).

Our curriculum is underpinned by our core values:


Schemes of learning across the academy provide pupils with the opportunity to develop literacy and numeracy skills.


Pupils fully immerse themselves in the wider life of the academy, engaging in activities that build positive relationships, support pupils to self-regulate and become increasingly independent in their learning and development.


Our Personal Social Health and Relationship Education (PSHRE) curriculum supports pupils to thrive as healthy individuals, and builds understanding of how to keep themselves safe both in the real world and online. This is delivered in dedicated PSHRE lessons as well as during coaching time.

Opportunities are provided to develop pupils’ resilience in a supportive setting: a dedicated pastoral team, in-school counsellors and coaches provide bespoke support to pupils as and when needed.

We value pupil voice represented by our pupil council.


All of our pupils will be well-informed and prepared to take the next steps in their education, employment or training. Our pupils will gain the cultural capital to ensure they are well-rounded, well-informed individuals who have been provided with the same cultural opportunities as their peers from a wide range of educational backgrounds.

Pupils will be equipped with the vital life skills required to flourish and thrive in adult life.


All pupils will be offered a broad, balanced and ambitious curriculum. At Key Stage 4, pupils will have the opportunity to study options subjects including creative and vocational qualifications. At Key Stages 2 and 3, pupils will be provided with a curriculum offer which aligns with the National Curriculum.

Our curriculum builds on the knowledge pupils gain at Key Stage 2 and helps prepare them appropriately for post-16 study or training, or for the next step in their education, including a return to mainstream.

Regular learning walks ensure the quality of teaching provided to pupils remains at an excellent standard, with a robust programme of continuous professional development for our teachers so they can constantly improve their practice.

Our curriculum is appropriately planned and sequenced, allowing for pupils to transfer knowledge into their long-term memory over time by regularly returning to, but constantly building upon, their prior knowledge.

Ongoing and regular assessment, both formative and summative, ensures teachers closely track pupils’ progress, are aware of any gaps in understanding and adapt their teaching appropriately. Our assessment and feedback procedures maximise pupil progress without unnecessary workload for teachers.


A well-designed and well-sequenced curriculum ensures that Olive AP Academy - Suffolk pupils are well supported to go onto future success. Some of the ways that we measure this impact include:

  • GCSE and other Level 2 qualifications results
  • Vocational qualifications results
  • Post-16 destinations - we work hard to make sure no pupil becomes NEET (not in education, employment or training) after Year 11. All our Year 11 pupils are provided with support to secure places in further education, colleges or apprenticeships. Find out more about the careers advice and support we offer young people.
  • Key Stage 3 will gain functional skills qualifications that support their learning

For more information about our curriculum please contact Ellen Watson, Deputy Headteacher, via the school office.

Relationship and Sex Education (RSE)

In line with government guidance, our academy provides all pupils with RSE. Details of the curriculum and information for parents are included in our RSE policy. Parents have the right to request that their child be withdrawn from some or all of the sex education delivered as part of the statutory RSE curriculum.