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We encourage all our students to take pride in their achievements and recognise their personal learning journey.

Statement for 2020/2021

Despite the challenges of the year, we are proud of our year 11 pupils in their achievements at GCSE, functional skills and vocational subjects. We are also really pleased that in September 2021 85% of these pupils have places at college or have plans in place for 2021/2022.

Statement for 2019/2020

During a difficult year we were really proud of our students’ achievements in GCSEs, functional skills and vocational subjects.

Olive Academy staff also worked hard to support our Year 11s in preparing for their next destinations, be it further education or training or apprenticeships. Of the 16 pupils in year 11, 80% had a college place or place on an alternative training scheme.

Statement for 2018/2019

63% of students at Olive AP Academy – Suffolk achieved both an English and a Maths GCSE. This is well above the national average (18.9%) for alternative provision schools and academies.

Mark Vickers, Executive Headteacher and CEO, Olive Academies said, “This is only the start of our journey and I expect considerable continued improvements. We are determined that every young person we work with gain the qualifications and grades they want and so urgently need to transform their lives.”

A summary of our KS4 performance data for 2018/19 is available below.

2018 19 OA Trust Dashboard Download

Note: In accordance with advice provided by the Information Commissioner’ Office, Olive AP Academy – Suffolk does not publish results or data regarding our KS2 cohort of pupils. Schools and academies are advised not to publish performance data about groups of around 10 pupils or fewer.