Olive AP Academy – Suffolk provides an outreach service offering support packages to mainstream schools. Our outreach team supports those children and young people mainstream schools are most worried about – those who may be at risk of permanent exclusion.

Our outreach team has extensive experience of helping schools effectively implement strategies to prevent permanent exclusions; helping teachers and support staff to develop inclusive practice in the mainstream classroom.


Our outreach projects:

Olive Academies ran a KS2 Outreach Project during academic year 2018/2019 which worked with schools, families and other professionals in the Bury area. The project supported 25 pupils most at risk from exclusion to successfully remain in their home school.

The project was modelled on a short-term scheme run by Olive Academies (OA) in Suffolk in 2016. During this time the OA outreach team worked with 32 pupils who on referral were at risk of permanent exclusion and awaiting a place in alternative provision (AP). Prior to OA’s intervention project these pupils were involved in 63 incidences of fixed term exclusions (FEX). During the period of outreach project support there were only 7 fixed term exclusions – a 76.3% reduction. Except for 3 pupils, attendance at OA supported sessions was over 90%. Of the 32 pupils we worked with:
– 17 transitioned at the end of the support into alternative provision
– 12 remained in their setting
– 2 were supported in successful managed moves
– 3 moved out of the county
– 1 was electively home educated.

If you are interested in getting your school involved with an outreach project or are seeking support for a KS2 pupil, please contact the outreach project lead Adam Tedesco at adam.tedesco@oliveacademies.org.uk or call our academy office on 01449 613931.


Read the recent local media coverage about our Suffolk outreach service : “DfE grant is ‘great news for the children of Suffolk'”