Statement for 2019/2020

During a difficult year we are really proud of our students’ achievements in GCSEs, functional skills and vocational subjects. Olive Academy staff have been working hard to support our Year 11s as they move to their next destinations, further education and training apprenticeships.

Statement for 2018/2019

63% of students at Olive AP Academy – Suffolk achieved both an English and a Maths GCSE. This is well above the national average (18.9%) for alternative provision schools and academies.

Mark Vickers, Executive Headteacher and CEO, Olive Academies said, “This is only the start of our journey and I expect considerable continued improvements. We are determined that every young person we work with gain the qualifications and grades they want and so urgently need to transform their lives.”










Note: In accordance with advice provided by the Information Commissioner’ Office, Olive AP Academy – Suffolk does not publish results or data regarding our KS2 cohort of pupils. Schools and academies are advised not to publish performance data about groups of around 10 pupils or fewer.

Destinations information

In September 2019 100% of our Year 11 leavers secured a place in education, training and/ or work. In May 2019 42% of our 2018 leavers remained in full time education. 11% were in training and 21% were in full time employment. A further 11% were in full time employment with apprenticeships included. 18% were not currently in education, employment or training (NEET) and the destination of 5% of our leavers was currently unknown. Our academy’s pastoral lead continues to liaise with the local authority to gain updates on our leavers’ progress and to discuss individual cases to ensure that the right support is in place to support those who do become NEET to re-engage with learning and training projects.

Further information is published on our Careers Advice page.


Statement for 2017/ 2018

80% of our Year 11 pupils left with formal accreditation in Summer 2018, with 50% achieving a GCSE grade in English and Maths.

Helen Fortes, Headteacher, Olive AP Academy – Suffolk said, “The exam results for English and Biology showed most promise this year. All our pupils gained entry to their next stage of education. The courses that they have enrolled on are diverse, including Engineering, Travel and Tourism, Construction/Multi-skills, Hair and Beauty, Heath and Social Care and one of our students has gone on to study A-Levels at a local sixth form. We are proud of our academy leavers in 2018 and wish them all the best in their future endeavours. We know that they have all been on a significant journey in the last year and have developed skills that will support them to be successful in their working lives and beyond.”











Destinations information 2017

Destinations information for Year 11 Leavers 2017 (data as of June 2018): 57% of our Year 11 leavers have continued in education, training and/ or work. 43% did not sustain their work or college placement and are now receiving Local Authority Specialist Youth Support.

Statement for 2016/ 2017*

*Please note that Olive AP Academy – Suffolk converted in June 2017.










Pupils at Olive AP Academy – Suffolk performed broadly in line with the progress and attainment of students in alternative provision (AP) centres nationally.

Entries to GCSE courses were significantly higher than the national rate for the classes of 2017 and 2016. This reflects the academy’s policy that, wherever possible, pupils are entered for GCSE courses to improve their life chances.

Pupils left with equal to or higher than the national AP average of qualifications in 2016 and 2017.

The pupils who were entered for maths and English performed significantly higher than AP centres nationally. This, coupled with the high levels of entries, means that the outcomes for Olive AP Academy – Suffolk are pleasing, For the past three years, pupil attainment was higher than the national averages at G+, C+ and A/A* grades in almost all measures.

While outcomes fluctuated slightly between 2016 and 2017 – the broad levels of attainment remain favourable when compared to AP centres nationally.

Helen Fortes, Headteacher, Olive AP Academy – Suffolk said, “We are incredibly proud of all our 2017 leavers who have enrolled in college courses to continue their learning. GCSE results for academy leavers in summer 2017 provided some real rewards for pupils and staff. Two of our pupils notably achieved grade 5s in English Literature which was a major achievement. In Maths, three of our pupils gained a grade 4 or above. Two pupils achieved C grades in Science. We look forward to hearing about what our leavers go on to achieve on their next courses and work placements.”