Severe weather / academy closure

On occasion the normal day-to-day running of our academy may be interrupted due to severe weather conditions.  

In deciding to close the academy due to severe weather conditions, academy leaders need to consider the health, safety and wellbeing of all in our academy community, including:

  • the distance staff must travel 
  • road/traffic conditions
  • local conditions for staff who travel on foot
  • the condition of the academy site 
  • condition of surrounding area for parents/ carers and pupils who may have to travel on foot.

Every attempt will be made to open the academy as normal but, should the decision to close the academy need to be taken, parents/ carers will receive a text or phone call from the academy office and an update will be posted on the academy website homepage. Wherever possible any decision to close the academy will be made by 8.45am. 

Further details can be found in our Severe Weather Guidance.

Please also check the local authority website and listen to your local BBC radio station for updates.